Our team at Parkland Chiropractic understands the challenge many people face when they decide to reset their wellness goals. Embarking on a fitness journey to optimize overall health looks different for everyone. Some people spend their whole adult life chasing an illusive number on the bathroom scale. Others push their bodies to the edge of exhaustion training for a particular event, like reaching the summit of Mt. Everest or running the Boston Marathon.

Whatever your fitness goals, remember your spine health. A healthy spine requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses balanced nutrition, restorative sleep, exercise and prompt treatment that realigns vertebrae after stress or injury.

Chiropractic care becomes an integral part of your lifestyle shift when you consider how important your musculoskeletal system is, not just to survive, but to thrive. With routine care most people recover from injuries quicker and experience fewer joint, tendon and muscle problems.
Combining Diverse Treatments for Maximum Benefit

Manual adjustments realign the spinal column, enabling nerves to communicate effectively throughout your body. However, adjustments alone won’t help you reach maximum fitness potential. Our team combines advanced technology and diverse modalities that support your whole body as you replace negative habits with healthy habits on your quest for improved fitness.

A massage therapist using Active Release Techniques (ART) provides personalized treatment plans based your body’s current condition. Sessions may target active sports injuries or may be focused on improving range of motion to prevent injuries next time you head to the workout room. Every treatment is different, because every day your body faces different challenges.

Are you serious about taking your fitness to a new level? Call for information about ART and other preventative maintenance programs designed to keep you on track for achieving your goals.